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It is with the greatest sadness, that we have to announce the passing of our president Guy Maathuis. He will be dearly missed in the M.G. community. Our sincere condolences are going to his wife Miriam, his 3 children and his family. In this dark time, we will stand together and help his family to cope with this huge loss. Rest in peace my friend wherever you are.

If you want to share your feelings, your memories or give your condolences to the family, feel free to write to:


Patrick Van Campfort – MG Club Antwerp

Woorden zijn iets waar je moet mee zeggen…
Maar hier is zeggen te weinig, enkel het hart wat ik beleefd heb met de keren dat ík Guy ontmoet heb , en daarom is schrijven schappen om gewoon te zeggen…, ga je missen, niet als MG wereld maar als een man welke een gevoel had met mensen met passie, het ga je goed …,hierboven en kijk gerust naar beneden…, jou werk gaat voort.

MG club Antwerp


Free translation:

Words are something you have to say with …
But here is not enough to say, only the heart that I have experienced with the times that I have met Guy, and that is why writing is just to say …, you will miss, not as MG world but as a man who felt with people with passion, you are doing well …, above and feel free to look down …, your work continues.

MG club Antwerp

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Henk en Trudy van Neerrijnen

Lieve Frédéry,

Allereerst  gecondoleerd met het verlies van Guy. We hebben hele leuke en fijne ritten gehad die Guy georganiseerd heeft. De afsluitingen van de meetings bij jou in de tuin blijven ons altijd bij. Rond het vuur met z’n allen en Guy speelde op zijn gitaar.  Een herinnering die wij nooit zullen vergeten.
Wij wensen jou en Miriam en de kinderen en de hele familie heel veel sterkte om dit verlies te verwerken
Free Translation:

Dear Frédéry,

First of all, my condolences on the loss of Guy. We had very nice and pleasant rides that Guy organized. The closings of the meetings in your garden will always remain with us. Around the fire all together and Guy played his guitar. A memory we will never forget.

We wish you and Miriam and the children and the whole family a lot of strength to come to terms with this loss

Henk and Trudy van Neerrijnen
Dick and Jacqueline’s friends

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Nicola Parolin – MG Car Club Monaco

Thanks Bob,

i met Guy several times, alone himself or with his wife and children, last time at the European meeting in Suisse.

He was a good guy and I have a nice remember of him.

Ton, which I suppose was the father of Guy has joined our MG Monaco Club and was our member in the past.

Drive safely Guy in your new route !

MG Car Club Monaco

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Peter Schmitz, Köln

Liebe Miriam, liebe Kinder, liebe Fredry,

liebe Mitglieder des MGCC Luxemburg.

Mit Guy hat uns nicht nur der Präsident eines besonderen Clubs verlassen, sondern vor allem auch ein ganz besonderer Mensch.

Die Nachricht hat mich sehr berührt und betroffen gemacht, obwohl ich leider nun bereits seit einigen Jahren keinen Kontakt mehr zu Euch hatte. Im Herzen und im Geiste war und bin ich Euch jedoch bis heute Nahe und erinnere mich sehr gerne an gemeinsame Erlebnisse, Gespräche und Ausfahrten wie den Economy Run sowie die gemeinsame Zeit in Silverstone.

Ganz besonders auch die Gastfreundschaft, die ich seitens des Clubs und in Merscheid bei Miriam und Guy erfahren durfte hat mich tief beeindruckt. Selten habe ich mich so willkommen gefühlt wie bei Euch, bei meinen MG Freunden.

Guy wird uns allen sehr fehlen. In der MG-Szene in ganz Europa und darüber hinaus, vor allem aber als Mensch und vor allem Euch, dem Club und ganz besonders seiner Familie und den Kindern. Ich bin sicher, Ihr alle werdet weiterhin eng zusammen stehen und füreinander da sein. Bitte kontaktiert mich jederzeit, wenn ich meinen Teil dazu beitragen kann und gerne auch nur einfach so.

Guy wird im Himmel seinen Platz finden, bestimmt an der Seite seines Vaters und die Geschicke des Clubs beobachten und vielleicht hier und dort etwas Energie und Zuversicht senden.

Ich hoffe, Ihr findet einen Weg, Euer schönes Miteinander trotz der schwierigen Situation weiter fortzuführen und irgendwann auch wieder unbeschwert genießen zu können.

Ich jedenfalls bleibe Euch im Geiste und im Herzen verbunden und wünsche mir, dass wir uns bald wiedersehen werden.

Ruhe in Frieden, mein lieber Freund Guy

Peter Schmitz, Köln

Free translation:

Dear Miriam, dear children, dear Fredry,

Dear members of the MGCC Luxembourg.

With Guy, not only has the president of a special club left us, but above all a very special person.

The news touched and affected me very much, although unfortunately I haven’t had any contact with you for several years. In my heart and in my spirit I was and still am close to you today and I like to remember shared experiences, conversations and trips like the Economy Run and the time we spent together in Silverstone.

I was particularly impressed by the hospitality that I was able to experience from the club and from Miriam and Guy in Merscheid. I have seldom felt as welcome as I did with you, my MG friends.

We will all miss Guy very much. In the MG scene all over Europe and beyond, but above all as a person and above all you, the club and especially its family and children. I am sure you will all continue to stand close together and be there for one another. Please contact me at any time if I can do my part and just like that.

Guy will find his place in heaven, definitely by his father’s side, watching the fate of the club, and maybe sending some energy and confidence here and there.

I hope you will find a way to continue your nice togetherness despite the difficult situation and to be able to enjoy carefree again at some point.

In any case, I remain connected to you in spirit and in heart and I hope that we will see each other again soon.

Rest in peace my dear friend Guy

Peter Schmitz, Cologne

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Michael M. Penning – President Belgian MG Owners Club

We in the Committee of the BMGOC are very stricken by this terrible news of Guy’s demise. Also all those of our members who had the pleasure to have met him – particularly at our traditional annual meetings where the Luxembourg Club joins the Belgian MG clubs to celebrate our passion for the marque at a congenial opportunity to share moments of thrilling hair-in-the-wind togetherness at the wheel and, on the roadside and at table, warm amicable exchanges of our multiple experiences. Our last encounter at the Esch-sur-Alzette event in 2019, hosted by Guy from the rooftop of the fire brigade garage shall remain a merry memory forever !

Guy will be sadly missed by us all, but of course our first thoughts go out to his charming wife Miriam and their lovely kids, always faithfully and enthusiastically at his side. To the Family especially, but also to the Club Committee and all its members, we wish to transmit our warmest sympathy and condolences on this dramatic occasion.

May Guy continue driving – wherever he is – and peacefully look down with satisfaction on all the MG fraternity who so much appreciated his presence, his charm and his inimitable affinity for all things MG.

Nous vous embrassons tous en partageant ses profondes pensées d’une perte inestimable.

Michael M. Penning
Belgian MG Owners Club

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Vincent Lambert

C’est avec grande tristesse que j’ai appris cette nouvelle dévastatrice.

Il n’y a pas vraiment de mot juste à dire.

Toutes mes sincères condoléances.

Vincent Lambert

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