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Michael M. Penning – President Belgian MG Owners Club

We in the Committee of the BMGOC are very stricken by this terrible news of Guy’s demise. Also all those of our members who had the pleasure to have met him – particularly at our traditional annual meetings where the Luxembourg Club joins the Belgian MG clubs to celebrate our passion for the marque at a congenial opportunity to share moments of thrilling hair-in-the-wind togetherness at the wheel and, on the roadside and at table, warm amicable exchanges of our multiple experiences. Our last encounter at the Esch-sur-Alzette event in 2019, hosted by Guy from the rooftop of the fire brigade garage shall remain a merry memory forever !

Guy will be sadly missed by us all, but of course our first thoughts go out to his charming wife Miriam and their lovely kids, always faithfully and enthusiastically at his side. To the Family especially, but also to the Club Committee and all its members, we wish to transmit our warmest sympathy and condolences on this dramatic occasion.

May Guy continue driving – wherever he is – and peacefully look down with satisfaction on all the MG fraternity who so much appreciated his presence, his charm and his inimitable affinity for all things MG.

Nous vous embrassons tous en partageant ses profondes pensées d’une perte inestimable.

Michael M. Penning
Belgian MG Owners Club

Michael M. Penning – President Belgian MG Owners Club2021-03-01T12:16:47+01:00

Vincent Lambert

C’est avec grande tristesse que j’ai appris cette nouvelle dévastatrice.

Il n’y a pas vraiment de mot juste à dire.

Toutes mes sincères condoléances.

Vincent Lambert

Vincent Lambert2021-03-01T12:14:42+01:00

Huib Bruijstens – Secretary MGTTO

Dear Maathuis family, dear MG Car Club Luxembourg members,

We, the Dutch MG T-type and Prewar Owners members, learned about the very sad news of the death of Guy.
Many of us have met him very often during MG gatherings and events.
All of us will remember him!
May fond memories of Guy bring you comfort during this hard time in your life
We wish you all strength in these sad days.

On behalf of MGTTO, Huib Bruijstens, secretaris MGTTO

Huib Bruijstens – Secretary MGTTO2021-03-01T12:14:27+01:00

Vincent Dransart

We lack the words to express our sadness. The MG world has been very sad since guy’s departure was announced. We often met at Silverstone and several times I had the pleasure of reheating guy’s children’s bottles in my old VW Kombi. Joel Fleury joins me to present our most sincere condoleances to Myriam and her children.
MG Passion Triple M and T’potes.

Vincent Dransart.

Vincent Dransart2021-02-28T19:08:33+01:00

Bernard & Rita Douchet

Chère Miriam,

Au mon de Rita et de moi-même nous souhaitons de présenter nos plus profondes condoléances à toi et ta famille.
Nous avons de la peine pour les enfants et nous leur souhaitons beaucoup de courage.

Très amicalement.

Bernard Douchet
3780 Gstaad / Suisse


Free translation: 

Dear Miriam,

On behalf of Rita and myself we would like to offer our deepest condolences to you and your family.
We feel sorry for the children and we wish them much courage.

Very warmly.

Bernard Douchet
3780 Gstaad / Switzerland

Bernard & Rita Douchet2021-02-28T19:08:03+01:00

John & Anneke Vroegop

Lieve Miriam, Goya, Gene, Greg, Frederie en familie,

Geschokt en verdrietig vernamen wij het overlijden van Guy.
Het is niet te bevatten en wij wensen jullie heel veel sterkte toe.

John en Anneke Vroegop


Free translation:

Dear Miriam, Goya, Gene, Greg, Frederie and family,

Shocked and sad, we learned about Guy’s death.
It is incomprehensible and we wish you a lot of strength.

John and Anneke Vroegop

John & Anneke Vroegop2021-02-28T19:06:57+01:00

Günter Graskamp

Liebe Miriam,

was soll man schreiben,wenn man sprachlos ist? Wie kann man in dieser Situation Trost spenden? Die MG-Welt ist fassungslos – wie muss es da euch erst gehen? Und dann die Frage: Warum?
Ja, leider hat er sich noch nicht mal seinen besten Freunden in dieser schwierigen Zeit anvertraut, aber so war er. Und das hat ihn auch so liebenswert gemacht. Er war besonders, in jeder Hinsicht und sicherlich nicht immer einfach.
Ich habe euch bewundert, wie ihr mit drei kleinen Kindern die vielen MG events besucht habt. Miriam kümmert sich um die Kinder und Guy unterhält die MG Gesellschaft mit Gitarre und Gesang. So werde ich es, und viele andere auch, in Erinnerung behalten!
Dir Miriam wünsche ich viel Kraft in den nächsten Jahren. Gene,Goya und Greg brauchen dich jetzt noch mehr. Aber du schaffst das!

Günter Graskamp
MG Car Club Deutschland

Free translation:

Dear Miriam,

what should you write when you are speechless? How can one give comfort in this situation? The MG world is stunned – how do you have to be? And then the question: why?
Yes, unfortunately, he didn’t even confide in his best friends during this difficult time, but that’s how he was. And that’s what made him so lovable. It was special, in every way, and certainly not always easy.
I admired how you and three small children attended the many MG events. Miriam takes care of the children and Guy maintains the MG company with guitar and vocals. This is how I will remember it and many others too!
I wish you Miriam a lot of strength in the next few years. Gene, Goya and Greg need you even more now. But you can do it!

Günter Graskamp
MG Car Club Germany

Günter Graskamp2021-02-28T14:31:41+01:00

Hakan & Lotta

Hello and good morning

It is with big sadness we have seen the pass away our of loved Guy

We send our love to Miriam and the 3 children and rest of the family

Rest in peace
Best regards

Hakan & Lotta

Hakan & Lotta2021-02-28T14:29:09+01:00

Marina et Christian

Il m’est difficile de trouver les mots pour exprimer la peine ressentie, suite à la désastreuse nouvelle du décès de Guy.
Tellement impossible d’imaginer qu’il ne sera plus parmi nous aux meetings MG.
De tout cœur nous partageons le chagrin de sa charmante épouse, et lui souhaitons de trouver !’intense courage nécessaire pour vaincre cette perte irremplaçable.

Nos pensées émues vont aussi aux enfants ainsi qu’à toute la famille Maathuis.

Sincères condoléances,

Marina et Christian

Free translation:

It’s hard for me to find the right words to express the pain I have felt following the disastrous news of Guy’s passing.
So impossible to imagine that he will no longer be with us at MG meetings.
We wholeheartedly share the sorrow of his lovely wife, and wish her to find the intense courage necessary to overcome this irreplaceable loss.

Our hearts go out to the children as well as to the entire Maathuis family.

Sincere condolences,

Marina and Christian.

Marina et Christian2021-02-28T09:29:39+01:00

Brigitte et Joël

Brigitte se joint à moi pour vous présenter nos plus sincères condoléances dans cette dure épreuve.

Pour avoir connu Guy tout au long de différentes organisations tant du MGCCL que du MGCF (étant membre des deux clubs) nous n’oublierons jamais sa présence,entouré de toute sa famille, sa bonne humeur, son empathie, sa disponibilité pour venir en aide à tous.

Sa disparition soudaine laissera un grand vide dans la grande famille MG ainsi que dans les futures rencontres.

Courage à vous, son épouse, ses enfants et sa maman sans oublier tous les amis et membres du MGCCL.

Au revoir Guy et bonne route là haut en espérant que les routes sont meilleures qu’en Belgique….. pensées

Brigitte et Joël


Free translation: Brigitte joins me in offering you our most sincere condolences in this hard ordeal.

To have known Guy throughout different organizations both MGCCL and MGCF (being a member of both clubs) we will never forget his presence, surrounded by his whole family, his good humor, his empathy, his availability to help to all.

His sudden disappearance will leave a great void in the great MG family as well as in future meetings.

Courage to you, his wife, his children and his mother without forgetting all the friends and members of the MGCCL.

Goodbye Guy and have a good trip up there, hoping that the roads are better than in Belgium ….. thoughts

Brigitte and Joël

Brigitte et Joël2021-02-28T09:26:00+01:00
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