Such sad news, such a tragic loss. Miriam, Goya, Gene, Greg, Fredie and all of family Maathuis, you are family to Steffi and I. Once family, always family. We are here for you, whenever you need or want us. Today, tomorrow , next week, next month, next year, 10 years time. Any time Guy was the older brother to me that I never had. This is funny, as I was older than Guy. Respected, looked up to, and admired by me. My first MMM driving experience, the PB in Sweden. My second, the N in Denmark. The MG events always great. All included regardless of K3 or modern Zed or TF all welcome, all treated the same. Old Skool fun the order of the day. Take shoes off and fish for plastic ducks in the river. We get wet feet, but such good fun. All good memories. The visits around Christmas staying with the family. Made us feel at home as part of the family. The Saturday night Stoneleigh Thai meals, the MG Live BBQ or Indian meals. The Beaulieu Autojumble stall in the day and Thai etc at night. And yes 3 adults can fit in the MGC!

I remember the EEOTY Spa you enjoying the K on the circuit. Not much tyre tread left when you finished having your fun. The time Stu & Mel broke down on a Tour de Lux event. You came and rescued them with the trailer despite us all being over an hours drive away from you. All good times and great memories. Your M.G. legacy will continue through the rest of us, we promise. No doubt you’ll be looking down on us, laughing at us at times. I hope for the day when we see Greg driving the K 😀. Rest in peace my friend. Sadly gone, but never forgotten.